• IDnow and M-TRIBES collaborated to offer enhanced mobility solutions using artificial intelligence (AI).
  • M-TRIBES uses IDnow AutoIdent, AI-powered identity verification into its newly designed M-TOOLS technology platform.
  • M-TRIBES will also be using IDnow VideoIdent to identify consumers’ identities using the video chat process.
  • Expert thoughts on the collaboration.

The Identity Verification-as-a-Service (IVaaS) platform, IDnow, and end-to-end software provider of new mobility and logistics businesses worldwide, M-TRIBES, publicly declared their strategic partnership.

Motto behind partnership

M-TRIBES will be merging IDnow’s digital and AI-based identity verification solution into its platform to power transportation businesses. Also, it offers user-friendly, quick, and reliable legally-needed consumer identifications.

M-TRIBES uses IDnow AutoIdent, AI-powered identity verification into its newly designed M-TOOLS technology platform to enhance its courier and ride-hailing services and delivery services.

Moreover, it will use new digital verification solutions to operate station-based and free-floating vehicle sharing solutions. AutoIdent allows a secure and fully compliant real-time consumer onboarding process that boosts conversion rates with ease. IDnow AutoIdent could be used to confirm the consumers’ age and validity of ID or driver’s license documents in a legally compliant way.

M-TRIBES will also be using IDnow VideoIdent to identify consumers’ identity within a few fractions using the video chat process, and it is secure and compliant with the law. This digital identification component will help M-TRIBES verify users via a smartphone app or web application to ensure correct user and authorize the service’s use.

AI-based digital identification

IDnow is a prominent player in digital identity verification with AI trained in millions of data points to verify approximately seven billion consumers from 193 different realms securely.

Through this partnership, M-TRIBES ensures that the software platform’s identity management component will be deployed for consumers in the international mobility market.

Expert thoughts behind collaboration

Andreas Bodczek, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at IDnow, commented: “More and more business processes in the mobility and transport sector are taking place digitally. Innovative, customer-oriented mobility concepts and services require simple and reliable handling that guarantees maximum security for all parties. This is the only way to implement future projects economically, securely and for maximum customer satisfaction at the same time. Digital identification plays a central role in this context. We are very much looking forward to the partnership with M-TRIBES and believe that the interlocking of leading, highly specialized technologies creates future viability for modern concepts.”

Patrick Arle, Founder and CEO at M-TRIBES, commented: “Access to best-in-class software enables transportation companies around the world to become digital champions. The seamless integration of IDnow’s AI-based identity verification into our M-TOOLS technology platform is a key building block to increase operational efficiency and improve the customer experience across a wide range of mobility offerings.”

He further added, “Partnering with IDnow is another step in our strategy to integrate state of the art digital tools and capabilities into our technology platform.”

The solution will be used by mobility service providers such as EWE Go GmbH, a division of the energy provider EWE AG. Lukas Schneider, Business Development Manager at EWE Go GmbH, commented: “We needed a solution for the legally required process of identification that runs digitally, quickly and reliably. We have achieved this with the integration of IDnow / M-TRIBES. The service, not only delights our on-site users, but also our own operations team.”