Mobility solutions should be used efficiently and effectively that can improve employee productivity rather than creating a stressful work environment. On one hand, we can see mobile workers are facing a challenge with the higher level of stress, on the other hand, we see organizations that try to improve the mobile device visibility and achieve better RoI using the mobility. Now as we see an economic shift from the organization towards the ways to improve the support requirements and better visibility for the mobile devices an enterprise could offer support requirements. Most of the mobile devices lack the required visibility that makes it more challenging for an enterprise to check whether the given the employee accessing the network through the secured network, cellular network or through an unsecured network. Even a certain type of common reason such as a dropped connection that can cause a ripple effect throughout the organization. With increased costs and greater productivity loss that can cause a ripple effect throughout. Such unsecured network can cause a loss in support costs and create a glitch in productivity. Without any right kind of insights and analytics in optimizing the mobile performance most of such network glitch can cause revenue loss. To have a clear understanding of enterprises that can achieve positive returns for mobility investments and utilizing the mobile performance management platform. Mobile devices are diverse and the need for solutions is felt more as the risks are adding more need for monitoring and visibility.

Recently a mobility solution provider wanted to see how the doctors and nurses react to modern mobility solutions. It resulted in more dragged solutions rather than making the solutions easier, the nurses were often mobile while working resulting in the network coverage variability, they would find themselves being logged out of the application without any warning resulting in all the entered information being completely lost.  It becomes a painful situation of jumbling between two different ends of work required aesthetics. However, the hospital and mobility solution provider decided not to take the mobile performance management approach but implement the mobile management of laptops and mobile devices. This led to improved productivity and additionally decreasing the patient stay in the hospital. The improved version of mobile management was much easier in deploying solutions that can ease the pressure of the mobile workforce. Recently AT&T deployed the mobile management software; the staff over the course of time were able to decrease the cost by almost 43 percent and the overtime cost reduced by 54 percent. Enterprises are looking towards various options to achieve better RoI in their software deployment and mobility has been the key region wherein the enterprise’s usually falling below the line.   Unless the requirement of support systems are addressed and visibility of the employee based on the mobile devices your organization can subject to significantly making it as a higher cost expenses. Currently, most of the companies that implementing the Bring-your-own-Device (BYOD) trend will surely continue to increase the productivity for the enterprise. Device-as –a-Service (DaaS) is still a low hanging solution that needs to be optimized based on your requirements. Visibility is one of the most important features that need to be invested in, as it’s critical to the device health, connectivity and performance.  It includes various metrics that can be tracked through the analytics feature such as device health and performance.

How important is the device visibility?

Visibility of the devices gives unrelated to access the data on the applications used on the device and function performance frequently over all the devices. Identifying the features that are not being used constantly offers an opportunity to deploy features that are needed rather effortlessly investing in the devices technology productivity. Nearly half to the current pool of enterprises are planning to deploy mobile devices that can expand the workforce productivity with investing in the software, services, and devices. Mobility initiatives are mostly focused towards including a high-end focus on security and management.  The top three areas driving most of the business activity towards cyber security, the movement of apps and data to the cloud delivery model. Mobile is all about being able to take the devices and improve the employees or customer experience and their overall activity on the devices.

How to reduce mobility costs?

With the enterprise mobility, there is always a challenge wherein the cost containment becomes imperative but you cannot achieve it. The challenges seem prevalent and it seems to hurt the current scenarios of development. With new devices, new apps and new employee work style the pace of change is drastic and for organizations, it’s difficult to comprehend based on the solutions. It’s one thing that can complement the mobile devices, apps, and work styles but the manner that can secure them feels much more important. The security investments so far have not to be aligned with current mobile initiatives that can change the course of development. Cost challenges that can arise due to too many combinations of devices with different mobile applications.  The IT should limit the number of user device choices that will be lowered with support lowering the risks and cost to the organization.

Intermittent network connectivity and poorly performing application that can significantly disrupt the current workflow. It not only affects productivity but also increases the costs of supporting the system. Network Analytics solutions offer the ability to obtain visibility and detailed reporting of the metrics for the connected devices outside the firewall, so the performance can be tuned according to the network capabilities.


Given that loads of data were being used by mobile employees, it’s imperative for IT teams to manage the control access of such a large amount of data. How quickly the technology evolves and mobile experts can advise IT teams, to stay in regular touch with vendors that provide the solution. When comes to calculating the RoI of a mobility solution visibility and metrics will assist in giving you a clear picture about such solutions. It allows the opportunity to measure the RoI against the KPIs that can introduce future implications.

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