• Iteris is a leader in smart mobility infrastructure management.
  • The smart mobility infrastructure management company introduced its novel software product called VantageCare.
  • VantageCare is a critical component of the Iteris ClearMobility Platform.

Smart mobility infrastructure management

Iteris is a frontrunner in smart mobility infrastructure management that applies managed services, cloud computing, advisory services, artificial intelligence, and advanced sensors to achieve safe, sustainable, and efficient mobility.

All about VantageCare

The smart mobility infrastructure management company recently launched a novel software product called VantageCare. Using end-to-end solutions monitor, the company optimizes and visualizes mobility infrastructure worldwide to ensure that roads are safe, communities thrive, and travel is efficient.

VantageCare is a software-enabled smart mobility infrastructure managed service that uses a virtualization process to monitor intersections and arterials proactively and incessantly. Moreover, this new managed service will help boost transportation agencies present traffic management and maintenance operations to advance intersection performance and safety.

With Iteris VantageCare managed service, transportation agencies could boost their current traffic management operations and receives data-driven analysis and management reports to advance performance at major signaled junctions equipped with Iteris detection technology. As per the company, “The solution helps agencies proactively identify and address a variety of opportunities to enhance detection.”

VantageCare is a critical component of the Iteris ClearMobility Platform. The smart mobility infrastructure management market is anticipated to account for about USD 8.7 billion by 2025 at a growth rate of 11%. The growth is fueled by enhancements in automated mobility and connected vehicles. Moreover, sensor hardware, cloud-based software, managed services, and consulting services help transportation operate more sustainably, effectively, and, most importantly, safely.

VantageCare is equipped with smart traffic sensors and intelligent signal operations along with other industry segments. These segments comprise network monitoring and operations, transportation planning, commercial vehicle operations, transportation data analytics, smart transportation system design and integration, and road safety and security.

Expert view

Todd Kreter, General Manager and Senior Vice President at Iteris Inc., commented: “We are thrilled to announce the launch of VantageCare, a software-enabled managed service that utilizes process virtualization to enable transportation agencies nationwide to proactively optimize and maintain the health of their Iteris detection systems.”

He further added, “With the addition of VantageCare, transportation agencies can augment their existing traffic management operations, giving them peace of mind and the ability to focus on other priorities, as performance and safety are improved throughout their transportation network.”