• Equus Software continues to modernize mobility management solutions with AssignmentPro Core.
  • AssignmentPro Core is a mobility management solution developed to help small programs move from spreadsheets to an automated platform in days.

Mobility solutions provider

Equus Software, a leading cloud-based international relocation and mobility solutions provider, is modernizing its pioneering assignment management solution with all new features.

About AssignmentPro Core technology

AssignmentPro Core is a global mobility technology designed for small programs. The motto is to go from spreadsheets to an automated platform. Moving from spreadsheets to an automated platform delivers a higher level of service, visibility, and cost savings for all internal and external stakeholders.

It is also an out-of-the-box global mobility management solution for programs with fewer than 200 moves per year.

With pre-configured workflow and easy implementation, AssignmentPro Core allows organizations to streamline and manage the global workforce securely. The technology can run programs smoothly and keep track of global employees.

The program involves a complete assignment lifecycle, from preauthorization to compensation, taxes, and repatriation.

AssignmentPro Core’s suite of benefits aims to streamline the global mobility process, including:

  • Out-of-the-box functionality
  • Best practice templates to guide business process
  • Go live in days
  • Free, self-guided implementation
  • Integrate data with HR system and vendors through the Equus ecosystem
  • Store and manage assignment documents in one place
  • Pre-configured cost estimation templates to find assignment cost
  • Offers flexibility to customize the program as per consumers unique needs

These features make it easy for global employees to stay on track while running mobility programs smoothly.

The new, enhanced AssignmentPro Core still holds onto its most vital features –

  • Saves time through automation of manual tasks
  • Enhanced accuracy of complex calculations
  • More visibility into the program and opportunities for advancements
  • An extraordinary experience for HR users and employees

The program also presents vendor and HRIS (Human Resource Information Software) integration, granting businesses to link their complete ecosystem.

Users can purchase software online with an easy and intuitive click-through license and subscription.

Expert’s take

Alan Bell, SVP Solution Consulting at Equus Software, commented: “As global mobility continues to get more complex, organizations must be agile and have instant data access to ensure the safety of their global workforce, while also supporting the talent needs of the business.”

He further added, “This technology eliminates the need for laborious spreadsheets and complex calculation tools, instead offering real-time dashboards and instant visibility for your program no matter how big your program is.”