The beginning of enterprise mobile solutions’ secrets

The enhancement of the technical workforce across the globe has offered the companies an opportunity to make a neat transition from mainstream to a mobile workforce.

The world has moved to a mobile era, leaving ordinary desktop life more and more behind. Users spend almost five to six hours out of 24 hours on the smartphone, attracting approximately 70% of web traffic. Several enterprises are moving toward the digital platform to enhance their business strategies. Therefore, mobile is the best platform for long-term development.

Let’s check out what GSMA’s report says:

As per The GSMA Mobile Economy 2020 report,

  • By 2025, the number of global internet of things (IoT) connections will rise to about 25 billion, while global IoT revenue is expected to be three times more than USD 11 trillion. The reason behind the growth is the smart home revolution.
  • In 2019, mobile technologies and services accounted for about USD 4.1 trillion at a growth rate of about 4.7%. Moreover, it is anticipated to account for about USD 5 trillion by 2024 at a growth rate of about 4.9%. The elevated growth is attributable to the rising adoption of mobile services by enterprises to increase efficacy and productivity.
  • 5G technologies are anticipated to contribute about USD 2.2 trillion to the global economy between 2024 and 2034.

The above stats show that organizations are betting on enterprise mobility solutions. And why not?

When it comes to increasing revenue and productivity, nothing could beat enterprise apps. About 53% of employees believe that mobility software solutions have made life more comfortable than ever. For instance, by the end of 2019, about 5.2 billion people subscribed to mobile services, accounting for about 67% worldwide. Despite this, there will be approximately 600 million new subscribers by 2025 (majorly in Nigeria, India, Pakistan, and China).

First things first – what is enterprise mobility?

Enterprise mobility is an approach that gives liberty to employees to work from any corner of the globe by utilizing a wide range of applications and devices.

Enterprise mobility solution (EMS)

Enterprise mobility solution is an enhanced technology that integrates three components: mobile content management, mobile device management, and mobile identity management. Thus, it makes it more popular among businesses.

Here are some benefits that an enterprise mobile solution could bring to your business:

  • Enhances productivity by using applications such as Quip, CamCard, and Trello.
  • Work from home is no more a dream but a reality now.
  • The major plus point is it decreases operational cost.
  • The addition of a mobile reporting system to business mobility solutions allows employees to report faster on projects.
  • Businesses can take a step forward to invest in mobility solutions to produce valuable data.

Launching these solutions successfully for an enterprise platform is not an easy job. But some of the magical secrets will help you implement and create intelligent enterprise mobility solutions.

Let’s take a look at magical secrets to launch mobility solutions successfully:

Following four secrets of enterprise mobility solutions will allow organizations to boost productivity.

Secret #1 – Be specific while selecting the enterprise mobility solutions

Several organizations believe in accepting developing technology dynamics or replacing traditional systems with modern trends today. It needs the courage to say goodbye to the legacy systems and accept the latest technology and infrastructure. For the same cause, you can follow:

  • Maximize profit by adopting EMS and limit the overall company expenses.
  • Include cloud technology in your business so one can help users at private as well as public levels.
  • Always make sure to provide quick data access and availability.
  • Customize security measures for data protection of your organization.

Secret #2 – Embrace the latest trends in Enterprise Mobile App Development

For excellent results, present the latest technologies in your enterprise mobility solutions, thus enhancing the efficiency of the solution and significance of your firm.

To determine the latest technologies in an organization, think on the below pointers:

  • Use artificial intelligence (AI) for application automation and user support.
  • Commence augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) into application structures.
  • Use the internet of things (IoT) technology to upgrade application personalization and analytics.
  • Use enterprise applications to enhance supply chain management.

Secret #3 – Select the right platform for development

Developing a mobile app is not equivalent to creating web apps. There are two major mobile platforms, such as Android from Google and iOS from Apple. These mobile platforms develop applications using an exceptional improvement environment.

Mobile web apps

  • Organizations with web-based solutions have discovered mobile web apps as a cost-efficient and prompt strategy for presenting enterprise mobile solutions.
  • Mobile web apps are easily accessible and can support both Android and iOS mobile devices.

Native mobile apps

  • This platform will help minimize initial investment, lessen the delivery schedule, and have a chance to consummate the application.
  • Native mobile apps are fabricated, particularly for Android and iOS. It also has access to the firmware and hardware of a mobile.
  • Last but not least, native mobile applications offer a good user experience.

Choosing the right platform is fundamental to the conquest of your enterprise mobility management strategy. Hence, consider the above platforms to develop fantabulous mobile apps with EMS.

Secret #4 – Develop a strategy for an enterprise mobile application

To make enterprise mobility management strategy successful in the long run, follow the next few recommendations:

  • Distribute one-fifth of the total budget for app maintenance to efficiently engage the users, ensure corporate security, and lay the ground for enhancing the apps.
  • Identify sensible and obvious objectives asking yourself what you want to accomplish with the plan and how the enterprise app will assist you in meeting overall organizational goals.
  • Prefer a platform that will help you manage all your organization’s needs without exceeding the pre-planned budget. Thus, consider the demographics of the target users.
  • Select functionalities that will make your consumer’s lives more comfortable and bring value to them.
  • Develop a minimal viable product (MVP) to estimate its prospects on the real market and high demand potential among users.

Last words

Enterprise mobility applications are excellent tools that will allow you to manage the business’s varied demands beginning with staff-member engagement and completing with supply chain management and lead generation. Thus, do not consider it as an expense; instead, take it as a smart investment into your enterprise.

I hope these four secrets for launching enterprise mobility solutions will help you boost an organization’s productivity.

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