• Sonim Technologies recently revealed its RS60 SmartScanner, which will now be available across North America and Europe.
  • RS60 is high-performance durability in a portable package.
  • RS60 helps frontline workers rapidly capture and consume massive data.
  • Expert’s take on RS60 SmartScanner.
  • Lesson learned.

Enhanced mobility solution RS60 SmartScanner

Sonim Technologies, a leading software solution to manage and optimize the mobile ecosystem, recently revealed its RS60 SmartScanner. The device will now be commercially available across North America (NA) and Europe.

Sonim is known for offering fully rugged and most demanding devices in the industry. The RS60 is nothing but high-performance durability in a portable package. This all-in-one Android device could lower the total cost of ownership (TCO).

The Sonim RS60 handheld computer and barcode scanner is exclusively used in field service, warehouses, transportation and logistics, and manufacturing.

Features of RS60 SmartScanner

The features of an RS60 SmartScanner that help frontline workers rapidly capture and consume huge data are as follows:

  • Accurately and quickly scan barcodes in different light conditions
  • Offers user-friendly experience to frontline workers
  • A high-capacity battery, i.e., 8000 mAh, ensures all-day performance
  • It has the Android 10 operating system
  • Supports SonimWare Enterprise Mobility Software for advanced management and high productivity
  • High bandwidth 4G LTE or Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Resistant to chemical, water, and dust
  • Two-year warranty
  • The device is easy to handle and operate and comes with a six-inch glove-friendly screen

The RS60 SmartScanner device is available via Sonim distribution partners, including Capestone in the UK and Europe and SYNNEX and Crossover in North America.

Expert’s take

John Graff, Chief Marketing Officer at Sonim Technologies, commented: “With the RS60, we are providing an essential productivity tool for anyone who needs the features of both a handheld computer and a scanner in a very durable package.”

He further added, “The RS60 is also compatible with our extensive line of rugged accessories and includes the SonimWare suite of enterprise mobility software to increase efficiency, security and device management in the field.”

Lesson learned

  • RS60 SmartScanner by Sonim is an enhanced mobility device that will help frontline workers to scan barcodes rapidly in any light conditions.
  • The device is available at Sonim distribution partners across North America and Europe.