Sonim Technologies and BMP to work together

Sonim Technologies recently announced its new partner, Business Mobility Partners (BMP). BMP is a national T-Mobile Master Agent and a one-stop solution to mobility requirements.

Motto behind partnership

Sonim Technologies and BMP together will offer ultra-rugged devices to T-Mobile business and government consumers. Together both companies will try to enhance their mobility solutions across the globe.

BMP serves several sectors such as logistics, transportation, utility verticals, construction, education, healthcare, and the public sector.

Sonim offers a wide range of products from ultra-rugged Android mobile devices, software, and tablets to industrial grade-accessories specifically developed to serve industries such as construction, transportation, logistics, and those responsible for public safety military roles.

Sonim mobile device is developed to meet Sonim’s Rugged Performance Standards (RPS). The RPS has 12 standards of endurance and durability and was developed with more than 10 years of feedback from consumer usage in the world’s most extreme environments.

Additionally, Sonim devices have unique properties, i.e., they could be cleaned and sanitized with isopropyl alcohol and bleach to minimize the risk of contamination from COVID-19.

Expert’s take

Jared Deith, President/Principal – Business Mobility Partners and amp; SIMON IoT, commented: “We are honored to create the first of its kind joint partnership between Sonim and BMP that will deliver top-of-the-line ruggedized devices to T-Mobile business and government customers.”

He further added, “As T-Mobile’s largest exclusive authorized distributor, this partnership unlocks a tremendous greenfield opportunity for T-Mobile customers.”

John Graff, Chief Marketing Officer at Sonim Technologies, commented: “Now T-Mobile for Business customers will have access to Sonim ultra-rugged devices provisioned to their specifications with software and accessories that will allow them to experience all that a mobile device can do in demanding work environments.”