As the enterprises keep innovating with different mobility solutions, they see an exponential rise in the larger geographical area, market spaces, and employee ranks that need such mobile technology to improve the business process. One important mobility solution for the enterprises is seeking a rise in demand that is all set to protect the enterprise data and control mobile device management software. There has been rising technology inversion in businesses where they say that many employees are doing some sort of business functions on their smartphones, tablets, or even laptops. Mobility solutions add more risk to the business operation by putting business data at a vulnerable position where it can get lost or intercepted by the people who shouldn’t have the data altogether if no security measures are put in place. Mobility solutions are set to improve employee productivity but also add business risks to the complete infrastructure. Many of the employees have even adopted their own personal devices for professional work, largely because it’s more convenient for the employees, and they have a better technological understanding when dealing with the same device.

So how does the enterprise handle such a device management whirlwind and what would be an ideal platform that business should invest in? There are more than 100 reputable software providers that have developed software for mobile device management platforms. All the solutions provided cater to pool of requirements, some of them are expert in serving the large corporations, some midrange, and other smaller enterprises. With mobility, security is one of the biggest concern for many of the enterprises that handle sensitive government and military information, sensitive health or financial records or highly classified business data about the next project. Smaller enterprises tend to be more aware of the security premises than larger companies that have a huge number of employees. The companies C-level leadership after taking the inputs from the IT teams should decide on whether the given solution will secure the infrastructure and data from malicious activities and make the employees easily connect with business operation and data.

Microsoft provided Intune Enterprise Mobility Security

The Growing number of users believe that the best mobile device management software available is Intune Enterprises Mobility Security. It has been largely popular because of its adaptability and connection to Microsoft 365 that is one of the most widely used business solutions. The product can be used as a standalone security solution or a complete package that can be used for mobility and security. The features can be maintained centrally and securely manage the apps and data across the company devices, cloud, and data center applications. Microsoft is a foremost business in the IT department with it’s added solutions that add innovation. Intune Enterprise Mobility and Security can protect the on-premises email and data, Office 365 data and email, offers the improved protection with Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) or personal device program and it enables many employees to access office 365 from the unmanageable public kiosk. It can suit to business requirements and sizes with cloud subscription service and physical on-device software available.

VMware AirWatch

AirWatch Initially had their own thriving business before VMware had decided to acquire it for $1.5 billion in 2014. AirWatch is considered as better intelligent solutions for the enterprises in the market because of it’s offering for complete control of all devices in the system and complete visibility of security and overall health of enterprise mobile devices. AirWtch is adaptable to any number of devices, so keeping track of the deployments can be easy; it not only has greater device management quality but indexes device information. Though smaller enterprises that lack the technical IT resource to deal with different requirements might find it overwhelming, making it ideal for mid-range and larger enterprises.

Cisco Meraki

Meraki is customizable down by the Cisco Systems, one of the worlds largest IT networking product and service provider. The company didn’t have a mobile platform recently till it acquired the Meraki in 2012. Meraki offers Cisco based, cloud controlled Wi-Fi, routing and security products for distributed wired and wireless networks. Cisco Meraki includes the portfolio of wireless LAN, security appliances, switching, and mobile device management all that can be centrally managed.  The Mobility solution provides the flexibility of faster management with handling 300 to 400 user base without any downtime. The adaptability with devices and location makes it complete mobility solution. Cisco has global connectivity with end to end infrastructure solutions with ease inoperability with Cisco Distributed system.  With a cloud-based subscription or directly physical device usage for Cisco Meraki.

IBM MaaS360

MaaS came in with experience in the mobile device control, founded in the year 1991. The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product that focuses on building new businesses with services and technology solutions to protect and manage corporate data for mobile devices. IBM had brought the MaaS360 in 2013 for $375 million that offers mobile management, ruggedized device management, laptop and offers mobile collaboration. It also assists the users using the personal device for work to sperate both work and personal data. Backed by IBM, the MaaS360 includes Watson Artifical intelligence Service.  With accurate location tracking of the devices, user interface that is easily navigational for any user. The solution can be adopted by any number of users and suits for all kind of enterprises requirements with cloud, physical on-premises, and devices services available.

Zoho ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus

Zoho is a multimarket service provider and IT product developer; it’s particularly a complete software solution that is being developed for software and device management that includes all OS based mobile device management. Zoho has knowingly focussed on the midrange companies and now has become a leader in the section. The solution can be used by the users for managing all types of devices such as Windows and iOS devices. ManageEngine MDM provides the users with multiple optional features that make almost everything for the user’s automation as much as possible for minimal user interaction.  A trial version for the solution exists and if the user needs more time to check the utilization additional 15 days can be used to get the system fully tested.


Though all the above Mobile management solutions are just a brim of the pool, all the above providers, have experience in dealing with industry requirements or provide solutions that suit most of the business operation of today.

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