• Spectralink revealed AMIE Advanced is now available for enterprises.
  • AMIE Advanced is a software platform for Spectralink Wi-Fi smartphones and IP-DECT devices.
  • Spectralink with AMIE Advanced platform is offering a data-driven insight to reduce complexity and increase operation efficacy.

Mobile intelligence platform

Spectralink is a leading mobile intelligence platform for enterprises recently launched AMIE (Advanced Mobile Intelligence for Enterprises). The good news is that the AMIE platform is now available for enterprises. AMIE Advanced is a device health monitoring and calls performance software platform for Spectralink Wi-Fi smartphones and IP-DECT devices. The platform is specially designed for Telecom and IT Administrators who aim for higher operational efficiency when managing Spectralink mobile solutions.

AMIE features to help businesses:

  • Easily manage Spectralink smartphones and IP-DECT Infrastructure by turning system data into actionable insights.
  • Avoid downtime and optimize operations.
  • Diagnose fleet issues and assess call performance for smooth mobile operation.

AMIE offers enterprises with clear visibility into Spectralink products’ performance to simplify maintenance and support and avert costly workflow disruptions.

Versity family of smartphones – Wi-Fi intelligence

In conjunction with the Versity series of smartphones, AMIE for Wi-Fi supports mission-critical communication by monitoring user experience and battery health on the Wi-Fi network while offering call performance metrics to ensure excellent voice communications. Besides, AMIE keeps Spectralink’s Versity smartphone solutions running smoothly with complete operational transparency. AMIE for Wi-Fi helps track missing devices, maintains call quality, saves considerable time and cost, allows users to proactively replace device batteries, and balances device utilization across shifts, users, or departments.


AMIE for IP-DECT empowers IT teams to maintain their Spectralink DECT system running smoothly with rapid deployment and easy centralized administration of handsets, servers, and base stations.  To ensure business continuity, IT teams could automate and schedule a backup of their DECT servers to remotely restore disaster recovery. Moreover, enterprises could now increase their operational efficiency by monitoring their DECT networks remotely from a central location.

AMIE Advanced for IP-DECT will be accessible in Dutch, English, Italian, French, Spanish, and German.

What experts say

Julien Bertheuil, Managing Director – EMEA at Spectralink Corporation, commented: “We are thrilled to announce the addition of this new mobile intelligence platform, for our Smartphone and DECT portfolios, another game-changer for Spectralink.” Julien further added, “Spectralink is committed to exploring new ways to deliver excellence to our customers. AMIE unifies our enterprise mobility solutions, empowering organizations to improve team communications and optimize their critical business workflows continually.”

Staffan Örnbratt, CEO at COBS AB, commented: “AMIE is a game-changer.” He further added, “Having deployed AMIE for IP-DECT at our own headquarters and labs, COBS is excited to bring this solution to market and provide its customers with a better, faster, and more efficient way to manage DECT infrastructure for both on-premises and remote workers. The cloud-based AMIE integrates seamlessly to COBS CWS systems with the COBS unique personal alarm, precise indoor location, voice communication, staff attack, and secure messaging features. By implementing AMIE, our clients will have an improved system overview, simplified remote system service, and a platform for proactive service with lower costs and shorter lead-times.”

Nicola Felisati, Manager Infrastructure IT at Speedline Srl. (A company of Ronal AG), commented: “AMIE is the best solution to maintaining our DECT networks. AMIE is already making a measurable impact, efficiency, and effectiveness on our organization.”

Spectralink with AMIE

Spectralink with AMIE Advanced platform offers a data-driven insight to reduce complexity and increase operation efficacy for present business environments.