More than 50 percent of the workforce around the world is currently relying on mobile technology, so close to almost 1.7 billion workers rely on mobility for their everyday job functions. Many workers such as emergency responders, on-demand technicians, delivery pods rely on mobile access. The response time of the mobile workforce depends on real-time access to critical information at the point of interaction. Mobility is key for business operation and over time it’s becoming difficult for companies to find a solution to safeguard the asset data. An improved mobility will improve productivity, reduce the downtime and led to better ROI results.

According to the study conducted by VDC research commissioned by SOTI conveyed that, access to increasingly powerful mobile devices, fast connected devices has changed the working conditions of many people. It’s also important these applications are easy to use for the workforce and robust to satisfy different requirements. One dropped connection or a poorly performing application can cost around $20,000 in the loss.

The study also concluded that organizations are relying on mobile devices and they are not able to use Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions to its complete capacity. This has led to understanding that many organizations that are currently leveraging the mobility devices are underserved. The utilization of EMM can create a streamlined workflow for the organization and also help serve the smooth workflow.