Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution from Samsung SDS has officially been awarded common certification criteria for National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP). The certification approves the EMM solution that is compliant with the 4.0 version of the Mobile Device Management Protection Profile (MDM-PP) security requirements.  According to Samsung SDS America, the company’s  EMM solution is the first to meet the MDM-PP v4.0 standards, indicating the platform is secured even for the government agency to handle classified information and other types of sensitive data.

MDM-PP v4.0 standards evaluate on both criteria’s like design and implement security solutions.  Samsung SDS America Chief Business Officer and SVP Mingu Lee said in a statement that “The Samsung SDS EMM platform provides a field –ready and provides proven solutions with a built for the most secured environment from the classified government operations to mission-critical and tactical scenarios.”

Samsung SDS EMM is a mobile device and mobile application management platform that allows organizations to monitor their network using the web-based administrative console. The company even went ahead with improvement in security algorithm and bolstered its encrypted communications capabilities, to meet the MDM-PP v4.0 requirements.

Samsung’s Knox security tech is even compatible with EMM solution, and even recently introduced support to the DualDAR add-on encryption module. Samsung is even teaming up with Syniverse to develop a more universal mobile payment platform.

The platformalso provides wallet-agnostic and will take advantage of Samsung’s Nexledger blockchain tech, with Samsung integrating new medical claims processing service. The service was unveiled way back in January and is expected to reduce the administrative burden for healthcare providers and speed up the insurance process.

Samsung lately joined hands with PwC Consulting to encourage wherein more companies will be able to move forward with digital transformation. Samsung believes that the latest certification will only promote the effort of mobility.