• NextEra Energy Resources steps into the mobility market with eIQ Mobility.
  • The acquisition of eIQ Mobility enables NextEra Energy Resources to help consumers discover economic, operational, and sustainable pathways.

Mobility planning solutions

NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, declared the acquisition of eIQ Mobility. eIQ Mobility is a frontrunner software provider of mobility planning solutions based in Oakland, California.

Matthew Handel, Vice President at NextEra Energy Resources, commented: “The conversion away from internal combustion engines could drive over one-fifth of U.S. energy demand by 2050, and fleets are following passenger vehicles in this disruptive trend. The fleet market is expected to grow as fleet vehicles become available, and our investment in eIQ Mobility gives us best-in-class insights into when and where fleet conversion is likely to be economical for our customer.”

Further, Handel added: “Our customers are planning for the future transition to electric or hydrogen mobility. Through the acquisition of eIQ Mobility, we will be able to offer our commercial, industrial, municipal, and utility customers robust fleet assessments that inform infrastructure planning for renewable energy, load management and resiliency while helping them meet their environmental, social and governance goals.”

The acquisition

The acquisition of eIQ Mobility enables NextEra Energy Resources to help consumers discover economic, operational, and sustainable pathways for fleet vehicle conversions. eIQ Mobility offered vehicle and energy analytics for fleets ranging from package delivery, facility management, auto manufacturing, and technology services to the utilities and pharmaceutical industries.

From its proprietary database of incentives, electric vehicles, chargers, and rates, eIQ Mobility helps fleets choose the optimal electric cars and charging infrastructure that meet their operational requirements. Thus, reducing fuel and operating costs as well as total cost ownership and emissions.

eIQ Mobility’s expertise in evaluating alternatives to traditional fossil fuels in the transportation sector will also offer NextEra Energy Resources the ability to assess fleet conversions to hydrogen quickly.

Sila Kiliccote, CEO and Co-Founder of eIQ Mobility, commented: “With battery and EV prices falling and an increasing focus on sustainability, many fleets are making plans for wholesale electrification.” Further, she added, “By joining NextEra Energy Resources, the eIQ Mobility platform and the team will provide fleets a one-stop electrification solution, from vehicle selection and conversion planning to the design and operation of resilient charging depots supported by clean energy.”