Microsoft Teams was continuously moving in and out to render the best possible features to the users. The race is evidently with Zoom, WebEx, Google Meet, and Blue Jeans that are consistently exploding their consumers with better features during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The latest feature—Microsoft expanding from 100 to 250 participants—impacts the group text chat in Teams. The update is expected to roll out in May 2020 itself.

However, some features will continue the way they used to be, including controlling notifications. Add to it, Teams does not allow admin to limit the group size while the capacity of the calls remains 20 max.

Microsoft has also boosted the number of participants on video conferencing from four to nine. It introduced another ‘raise hands’ feature allowing meeting attendees to see who wants to speak. Users can now apply the background blur effect for desktop and iOS devices that helps to focus on the user’s face.

Listing out others in the competition for offering features, Zoom is leading as scores 300 million daily users. With the latest update, Zoom 5.0, it reflects the company’s consistent effort toward the battle against malware and ransomware attacks. Second to it, Slack is another platform for enterprise collaboration that has seen a spike during the coronavirus pandemic. It gained 9,000 new paid customers in the past few months.

Looking at the new features and development across collaboration tools, users can expect some long-awaited features in a matter of months.

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