• Hyundai Motor and Naver are the most significant automaker and portal operators in Korea.
  • Both companies collaborate to enhance mobility and infotainment systems.
  • Using Hyundai Motor car’s infotainment systems, passengers can access various Naver services.

Future mobility technologies

Hyundai Motor and Naver, the most significant automaker and portal operator in Korea, will join hands to focus on several aspects of future mobility technologies.

Hyundai Motor and Naver agreement

Under a newly signed agreement, both companies will cooperate on developing content and services for connected cars. They will also work on searching for new business models to work together with small and medium-sized businesses.

Naver is a domestic service operator, and its content and services will be used to produce connected cars. Also, Hyundai has partnered with domestic and foreign organizations to build next-generation technologies such as integrated infotainment system.

Infotainment system

Infotainments are the core of connected cars that offer various features such as vehicle controls, navigation, entertainment, and self-diagnostics. The first service to launch with input from both Naver and Hyundai Motor will allow passengers to access several Naver services via Hyundai Motor car’s infotainment systems. These services include music streaming, maps, webtoons, search engines, and shopping.

Enhanced connectivity

Enhanced connectivity includes receiving alarms from Naver when the vehicle needs to be inspected or picked up after service, which will be available as early as next year.

YoungCho Chi, Group’s Chief Innovation Officer and Head of Strategy and Technology Division at Hyundai Motor Group, commented: “We will promote a new mobile convenience experience that can be felt practically by the combination of automobiles and ICT (information and communications technology).”

Cooperation amidst Naver and Hyundai will be made in purpose-built vehicles (PBVs), ground-based environment-friendly mobility solutions that offer customized spaces and services for passengers in transit.

CES 2020

In Las Vegas at CES 2020, Hyundai revealed its first electric air vehicle concept, S-A1, via collaboration with Uber. Uber is the globe’s largest mobility company that presented its revolutionary vision for urban mobility solutions.

Han Seong-sook, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Naver, commented: “As the mobility industry is an area that can make a lot of changes to various users, we will conduct various experiments with Hyundai Motor Group for mobility innovation.” Further, she added, “Naver is working on a three-dimensional map with precise information about traffic facilities that are vital for creating an environment in which self-driving cars can safely roam about.”

Naver collaborated with Continental Automotive Korea in October 2020. Continental Automotive Korea is a South Korean branch of German car parts producer Continental AG. It is a domestic connected car software platform organization that develops an in-vehicle infotainment system that will offer differentiated services such as remote digital payments and restaurant reservations.

Upcoming services after collaboration

Novel services under Hyundai Motor and Naver will be introduced next year.

“Hyundai Motor and Naver will continue to collaborate on connected vehicles, eco-friendly cars and purpose-built vehicles to find new business opportunities in rising segments in future mobility,” said the carmaker in a statement.