BlackBerry unveiled 3 new products in a move to upgrade its enterprise mobility platform. The upgrade will ensure secure access to tools, files, and applications based on the zero-trust architecture. The BlackBerry UEM will be available in 3 new versions,

1. Freedom Suite– This suite will improve mobility with other collaboration applications, enterprise-grade security, and application customization. BlackBerry released a statement stating that the Freedom Suite offers combined capabilities of Mobile Content Management (MCM), Identity and Access Management (IAM), and the ability of users to access Microsoft mobility applications. It offers development tools for the businesses that can add security, mobility solutions along with various features, irrespective of how the solution was initially built.

2. Choice Suite– Allows the IT admins to manage all devices and applications across various platforms and device ownership models. It helps make device management and application setup more synchronized with the business policy.

3. Limitless Suite– Offers Digital Rights Management for file protection, extending over and above the Choice and Freedom suites with multiple-channel notification capabilities and a secure content collaboration platform for businesses.

BlackBerry, over the past 3 years, has shifted its focus from being a handset maker to a mobility software provider. The UEM solution provides multiple-OS management, hence UEM software can be used to manage devices and platforms that include Android, iOS, macOS, and Chrome OS.

Zero trust, one of the new features coming up in the mobility technology, relies on multifactor authentication, analytics, encryption, and file system level permissions. Blackberry operating in the zero-trust environment includes a feature with dynamic enforcement of access rules based on the user’s identity, apart from the device and context of the data the user is attempting to access. Zero trust is based on a model wherein users are given a minimum amount of access to accomplish specific tasks.