The Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) has seen some major developments in the year 2018. But 2019 will be an important year where the development of data and networking will introduce new challenges. The shift in focus from only innovation to innovation-security will help the enterprises to deliver the results to protect the business assets.

Enterprises are diversifying and mobile technology is the solution. EMM solutions are changing to adapt the requirements with the less centralized landscape. Let’s look at some of the technological changes that will affect the EMM in 2019,


Though IoT hasn’t become a technology that’s been widely used by the enterprises but 2019 will be the year when we will see different sensory technology that will be implemented in the verticals of data collection.  Most of the IoT devices will be using the network connection, the EMM will be required to secure the connection.


For the most EMM users feel that one thing they need to improve in 2019 is security. Mobile devices have been a popular target for the hackers and with network flexibility, it becomes the highly dynamic situation. Encryption and containerization are the part of measures that can be implemented for effective security protocol.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be more focused on the EMM solutions for better sustainability of the environment. AI will improve the decision making of the enterprises along with process management and communication flow. Mobile analytics will be a new beginning for the solution providers that will help them to keep a tap on different usage and employ the predictive analytics to different applications.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) has a long journey ahead where it needs to prove that it can replace the current myriad of solutions from different providers.