The global BYOD and enterprise mobility market is all set to push for tremendous growth owing to the growing SMEs adopting cloud-based services and high demand for BYOD and enterprise mobility solutions from various sectors including energy, utility, healthcare, media and IT. The recent report published gave an understanding of the global BYOD market and enterprise mobility market that is fast gaining traction and is expecting high growth by 2023 to reach a valuation of USD 94.41 billion. The growth largely depends on the idea that most of the businesses are pursuing BYOD and mobility and how much facility does it provide.

BYOD solution that provides smoother workflow management by permitting work from any remote location. It increases production and consumer-centric sectors where the businesses need round-the-clock support that is necessary, such type of system integration inspire better support for the business and employee.    Bigger factors that are contributing to mobility, such as higher utilization of tablets, smartphone, and laptops that provide the flexibility to businesses with increased productivity, employee satisfaction, and cost-cutting measures are pushing the enterprises.  Technological aspects like integration are influencing such decisions with several SMEs are turning to the mobility-based workflow. However, the security threat is looming at large that is hindering the possible growth path.

North America has maximum control over the global BYOD and enterprise mobility market as its growing cloud-based application industry that is even pervading the myriad of other industries. The European market has seen substantial traction due to its improved mobility security infrastructure, system, and work culture. The APAC market is all set to grow at much moderate speed, and adoption rates of industries are rising at a much faster rate. Mobile devices for professional workplace usage is gaining momentum across the industries that need human touch as a constant function to complete an operation.