Google has announced that nine Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) providers are satisfying the required compatibility with the Android devices. The Android enterprise recommended project has been launched with nine companies that have the ability to provide the required security cover and solve different technical issues for the Android compatible EMM products. The list consists of BlackBerry, Microsoft, MobileIron, Softbank, VMware, I3 system, Google cloud, and SOTI have been added to the new Google Program. Google has validated the required resources for the deployment and apps consistency for the EMM providers.

The Emm Providers Have Been Selected On The Following Criteria

1. Experience across multiple android enterprise management sets.

2. A consistent deployment experience along with best practices followed for configuration.

3. Proven Ability to deliver advanced security and management features.

Mobility devices over the years have got cheaper and also the networking solutions are able to provide a seamless experience to the users making it imperative for enterprises to adopt the solution. Enterprises looking towards mobility solutions with much more scrutiny, due to data breaches. Some of them usually create a policy wherein the employees can use the device only during the working days while some follow a more relaxed attitude providing flexibility. Under both the situations, it’s imperative that the enterprises understand that the monitoring of the devices from the external and internal threats. Using the EMM solution to manage the devices, register the devices and also provide security to the device.   

Head of Android Enterprise partnership and security Will Ro announced on an Android blog stating that the collaboration between the EMM and Google will help us attain better solutions. Understanding the business requirement and demonstrating the excellence over the solution. Using the program, we will be able to recognize the partners that will be able to deliver the best of the solutions with modern security and management of Android devices.”